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The goal of both Track I and Track II is to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and increase fluency in French. Students will learn and expand vocabulary, practice grammar with a strong emphasis on grammar accuracy and explore and discuss French culture. The classroom focus is on learner-centered group activities in which language is naturally communicative.

Class schedule
Tracks I and II have courses Monday - Friday from 9am- 3:30pm, with a break for lunch.

Morning 3 hours of general French instruction, 9 am - 12 pm.
Lunch Break 12 - 1:30 pm
Afternoon - 30 minute Phonetics class, 1:30 - 2 pm
- 1.5 hours of conversation workshops, 2 -3:30 pm

Class format

- Class sizes are small, 10 to 12 students, allowing for personalized attention.

- Each instructor will distribute a detailed syllabus indicating course materials, expectations, and assignment and exam dates. Class attendance is mandatory and absences will impact the final grade.

- Students will receive daily homework assignments and are expected to complete them and take exams when scheduled. Students will spend mornings in the classroom and part of the afternoon participating in conversation workshops with French students/tutors and/or going on visits and cultural excursions. These activities are designed as tools for development of specific language competencies.

Grading system
Grades are based on quizzes, exams, attendance, homework assignments/special projects, oral presentations, and class participation.

Conversation groups
Following a half hour spent on phonetics (1:30-2:00), small conversations groups (6 students maximum) will meet daily in the afternoon for 1.5 hours (2:00-3:30 pm). Students will informally practice speaking French by discussing various cultural, social or political topics. In those groups, students can work on their French speaking skills outside of the classroom, while also learning more about French culture and meeting local people. Participation in a conversation groups is an integral part of the language program and is mandatory.

Language Pledge
Making the commitment to speak French as much as possible during our intensive language program will create a environment conducive to learning French and help students improve their language proficiency rapidly. For these reasons, IFE requires that you sign a pledge to speak French at all times while in class, during all breaks and meals and during all optional activities and excursions.
Failure to observe the language pledge may result in loss of points for final grade and may even lead to dismissal from the program.

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