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Applying to the Paris Gateway Program

Currently the Paris Gateway Program (PGP) is chiefly open to students from Goucher College, DePauw University, and Franklin & Marshall College. (interested students from other institutions should contact IFE.)

Interested students should be sure to have taken all required initial steps with their study abroad office

- The Goucher College Office of International Studies (OIS): Carol Donhauser,
- The DePauw University Office for Off-Campus Study (OCS): Sarah Whitaker,
- The Franklin & Marshall College Office of International Programs (OIP): Rachel Helwig,

The IFE-PGP application

The PGP application is comprised of five forms. You may download each form separately as a PDF file. The files contain text fields and other fields that may be completed on-screen online, but please note that unfinished files cannot be saved or stored. The easiest method is likely to prepare answers in separate text documents and then copy and paste into text fields in IFE application files.

The five forms comprising the IFE-PGP application:

- The Application Form
- The Language Recommendation Form
- The General Recommendation Form
- The Placement Form
- The Housing Form

Candidates are also requested to submit, along with these forms, a current curriculum vitae in English

All questions concerning these forms should be addressed to IFE.

All questions about the application process may be addressed to the respective study abroad office contacts provided above.

Paris | Bruxelles | Strasbourg Paris central office
5, rue Saint Nicolas 75012 Paris - France Tél. (331) 43 21 78 07 Fax (331) 42 79 94 13       
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