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There is no housing plan integral to the IFE program. IFE will, however:

- Arrange family housing for students who wish that type of housing, within the limits of available situations;
- Arrange housing in one of several independent student residences or foyers on behalf of students.

Once arranged, this type of housing will not be changed by IFE, and any modifications except in the case of force majeure must be handled by the student, including any additional costs incurred. Since the choices students make become permanent, students should not hesitate to contact IFE with any questions.

- Help students who wish to rent a studio or apartment by furnishing internet sites and other resources for this search, and possibly contacting landlords on the student’s behalf.
NB: In all cases it is the student and NOT IFE who conducts the search for rental housing.
Students may of course arrange their own housing. It may be possible for students to reserve a room in a foyer for one month while they look for housing.

More information coming soon...

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