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Gateway Program at a Glance

A fully French experience...

This small, limited-enrollment program is designed to help students who have had some college-level French to immerse themselves in hearing and speaking French, all day, every day. Using Paris as a gateway to the francophone world, the specially designed program combines language instruction, classroom time plus site visits around the city, and interaction with the local community to help students achieve a degree of fluency as well as an engagement with French society.

The Gateway program is composed of complementary elements that help students gradually adjust to life in Paris and in French. Each piece builds on the last, improving French skills and preparing students to take on work they might not have thought possible at the beginning!

The program consists of:

  • Orientation/Preparation session. Takes place during the first two and a half weeks. (read more)
  • Daily French language instruction at the Sorbonne. Ten hours per week + phonetics workshop.
  • Paris-France-Paris: Discovering a nation via its capital. This is a course that uses the city as its text, making a series of investigations of past and present, highlighting the main questions facing French society, while examining the issues which unite and the differences which divide France and Paris. Three hours per week.
  • Applied French Practicum. This course provides students the opportunity to improve by applying French beyond the classroom. For the Practicum, students choose from three types of field experience to form an individualized learning program including a guided writing assignment, and a conversation workshop. Sixteen hours per week.

(Read more about the program components.)

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