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Whatever a student’s academic focus, the Paris Gateway Program is a chance to improve French language skills tremendously while learning a lot about what’s going on in France and Europe today, through both coursework and contact with local surroundings. Full program description

Is this your Gateway to mastery of the French language?

Are you:

  1. committed to French language learning whether or not French is your major?
  2. ready for your first semester all in French?
  3. eager to spend a semester abroad focused entirely on improving your French language skills and establishing thoroughgoing contact with French and European society?
  4. intrigued by the idea of spending two semesters abroad, a first semester to consolidate your language and culture skills in preparation for an advanced, specialized semester secondly?
If at least 1-3 are true, you correspond closely to the Gateway "profile", which each semester unites a small group of students from diverse backgrounds and various major fields bent on speaking French (all day every day) and learning France today.
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