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Gateway Program at a Glance

Are you looking for...

- a chance to improve your French (regardless of your field of study)?

- an interactive semester immersed in French?

- sustained contact with French speakers and their society?

The Paris Gateway Program is accessible to French learners who have reached the upper intermediate level.

As an early immersion program the Gateway is designed for students who are starting to be able to participate in a classroom entirely in French. All Gateway program components are conducted in French.

The number of French classes for students to reach this stage of readiness varies individually by student. Students from participating institutions may consult their schools’ minimum requirement to enroll in the Gateway here.

Students enroll in the Paris Gateway Program in order to acquire a strong command of the French language as well as a solid grasp of contemporary France and Europe, regardless of their academic field or specialty.

Some do so as a stand-alone experience abroad, while others use the Gateway program to prepare for a more advanced language-based semester, such as one of IFE’s French Field Study and Internship programs.

NOTE: students from non-participating colleges may contact IFE for help in petitioning their home institution for approval to enroll.

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