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What Students have said about their experience in the Paris Gateway Program...

“Because of the various activities, I was able to learn about French society through a number of different angles. I feel like I am finally qualified to comment on this society."
"I learned I can live independently in a foreign country—I may even consider living in Paris in the future."

About their practicum...

"I was doing something that interested me [at my internship], and at the same time learning about Paris. I loved how small the company was, because it allowed me to participate in many projects."
“Many of the women I worked with were in their 20’s and 30’s and I was able to learn about popular French culture."
“It was much more interesting learning about procedures [to become a French citizen] in a hands-on setting versus inside a classroom."
“Speaking in French to people in an office setting helped push my French past the general phrases of age, major, and interests."
"I loved my internship. Each day got easier and more interesting. It was the perfect place to improve my French and also learn the ways of French society."
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