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Thierry Bonzon

Holding a doctorate in history, Thierry Bonzon is an associate professor at the University of Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, where he specializes in contemporary history, teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. His research focuses on European social policy from the early 20th century through World War I. He is currently conducting research in both political history and the history of photgraphy at the Institute for Comparative Politics at his university. He is also the director of the Masters program in Web Professions and Culture at the University of Paris-Est-Marne-la-vallée – INA.

Sylvie Clémence

After graduating in English and American literature, Methodology, Phonetics and Grammar from the University of Picardie and the University of Paris – La Sorbonne, Sylvie Clémence lived in the UK for two years where she taught in the French department at the University of Lancaster. Upon returning she co-founded a training company for management professionals in French as a Foreign Language, running intensive programs for expatriate directors from various worldwide companies. Sylvie has always been interested in cross-cultural issues, teaching at Accent Paris for various American universities (University of California Berkeley, UCLA, Washington University in Saint Louis, to name a few), as well as at ESCP Europe, a top business school whose students come from all around the world.

Nora Magharbri

A native Parisian, Nora holds a doctorate in applied linguistics and language acquisition from the University of Texas at Austin. Nora has a rich experience in teaching French in North American universities including UT Austin, Victoria University in British Columbia, University of California Santa Cruz and the University of Wisconsin at Madison. She has a good deal of experience developing pedagogical materials for language acquisition including for a language-learning exchange between the University of Guyana and Harvard University. Nora is the author of a highly regarded intermediate French textbook, "Pause Cafe".

Oriane Leroux

A native of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Oriane Leroux grew up in the suburbs of Paris. After obtaining a Masters degree in Art History, specializing in contemporary photography, she had to opportunity to work abroad, training Tunisian youth in French language and culture. Upon returning to France, she continued teaching, giving courses to newly-arrived immigrants. She has also worked for the past three years for an organization which promotes cultural enrichment among youth.
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