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A Mediterranean crossroads...

Andalucía is the historical center of a dynamic civilization which sprang up in the wake of the Muslim conquest in the 8th century. Learning and cross-cultural exchange were hallmarks of this civilization. IFE’s Field Study and Internship program model is ideally suited for enabling students to come to know the uniqueness and riches of the al-Ándalus hybrid civilization while exploring in-depth a particular aspect either past or present. Crossroads and frontier, center and periphery, the Andalucían reality – where exchange is a way of thinking — is the study abroad destination par excellence.

The capital of the autonomous community of Andalucía, Sevilla is Spain’s fourth-largest city (700,000 people in Sevilla proper, 1.5 million in the province), with a highly-developed economy, a diverse population, and historical and cultural riches that need no introduction. It is the home of the Universidad de Sevilla and the University Study Center of Andalucía (a private, degree-granting affiliate of the University of Sevilla).

The advantages of this urban center for an IFE Field Study and Internship program include a) its role as the modern center of Andalucía, b) its size and diversity which provide a full range of field experience opportunities, and c) an international university center for access to research possibilities in all fields. In addition, the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation in Sevilla is a rich resource for developing the cross-civilizational theme that forms the foundation of the Andalucía Field Study and Internship program.

At the same time, for an immersive program Sevilla does present the challenges of a world tourist destination, including omnipresent English and a concentration of US study abroad programs.
IFE’s response to this challenge includes focusing its activities and its student housing on several city districts lying outside of the inner, historical core and taking advantage of ties with local universities to enroll IFE students – for one part of the curriculum – in degree-track university courses, in Spanish, alongside Spanish-speaking students.

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