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European gap year programs

Eligible students will have completed secondary education, be at least 18 years old, and will have studied Advanced Placement French or Spanish throughout their secondary schooling, or otherwise achieved an advanced level (B1) in the language. Successful applicants also demonstrate the personal maturity necessary to embark on an experiential program in another culture and language, and to handle in an adult manner the independence associated with such an endeavor.

IFE Gap Year Part I is open to students wishing to enroll for Part I only. Benefits from this part taken by itself include significant language progress, understanding and integrating host country society, cross-cultural skill development, and increased self-confidence and self-reliance. (See IFE for cost.)

The program is designed as a progressive year, in which the fall prepares students for the full-integration/internship of the spring. If students wish to enroll in the spring only — Part II — they may contact IFE to discuss. The approval process includes an interview to determine language level and personal readiness. See IFE for cost.

12,800 EUROS – Price includes all program fees, excursions and entry fees, and family-stay housing for seven months (individual room, all breakfasts, five dinners). Price does include IFE-provided information, assistance and follow-up for obtaining a student visa for France or Spain. Price does NOT include airfare.

Currently accepting applications for Fall 2021. Please contact Emily Freeman at for more information.

The Advanced Conversation language course in Part I is the most likely course for earning college credit. Upon request, IFE helps make this arrangement with the understanding that final approval is the sole prerogative of the home university. IFE is ready to provide the same assistance for the other two main components of Part I, or for the ensemble of Seminar, Internship and Field Report of Part II.

Students who successfully complete the IFE Gap Year may earn IFE’s Intercultural Competence Certificate, an electronic badge recognized by education abroad officials on US campuses. Information upon request.


IFE’s Field Study and Internship programs are available to independent students who have accomplished some or all of a college education, and meet the normal requirements for these programs. Additionally, Gap Year students who perform extremely well during Part I and wish to pursue the Field Study and Internship Program in lieu of Part II may qualify to do so, on an exceptional basis. Information upon request.

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