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Field Study in Asturias

Spanish-language Field Study & Internship program

The Asturias Field Study and Internship Program is centered on a full-time internship or research placement as the means for language immersion, cross-cultural learning, and a comparative grasp of a student’s own field. These goals are reached though a multi-faceted 18-week academic semester.
The semester begins with 6 weeks of intensive interdisciplinary courses, including two study tours or the region, followed by an 12-week full time internship in the student’s field. As part of the internship, students conduct field research, delving into an issue and producing a 30-page independent study.


Weeks 1-6 Coursework in preparation for active involvement in the professional life of an organization. Two study tours, one to Galicia and the other to the Basque Country.
Weeks 7-18
The internship period
During this period students, working with their IFE research advisor, develop and complete an independent research project on a topic related to the work of their host organization. Additionally they participate in a seminar course at the IFE center.
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