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 YES in French with IFE and APA for advanced Francophone cultural and social studies

As one of the highest quality study abroad programs based on enrollment in the Paris university system, APA is a natural partner of IFE for providing a year of classroom instruction, field experience and research in an integrated and academically rigorous program, either in Paris, or split between Paris and Brussels. To be offered for the first time in AY 11-12, this structured year-long program includes several unique features.
With a broad range of university courses available at several levels (APA), and a highly individualized placement process for full-time mission-driven professional internships (IFE), the IFE-APA year-long program is ideal for tailoring a year of rigorous study abroad to meet a student’s academic and/or career goals.

  • Standard version: Students enroll in APA in the Fall semester to build knowledge and linguistic skills in preparation for the IFE (Paris or Brussels) Field Study and Internship Program in the Spring semester, with its major field research project.
  • Advanced version: Students enroll directly in the IFE (Paris or Brussels) Field Study and Internship program in the Fall semester and acquire the high level of linguistic/cultural skills and knowledge needed to enroll in advanced courses in the Paris university system through the APA program in the Spring semester.
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