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Beginning in June 30th 2018 IFE will offer an intensive four-week program of language instruction, in two tracks.

- Track I is designed for beginners or near beginners—students who wish to acquire in the summer the basic language competence associated with the first year of university-level French .

- Track II will be taught at the intermediate level, for students having already completed the equivalent of 2-3 semesters of French at the university level and who wish to prepare for enrollment in an intensive semester of language-based education abroad, in France or elsewhere.

The emphasis of the Summer Institute is on language immersion, in a setting which facilitates immersion. The Institute’s programs do not attempt to replicate full-fledged study abroad programs with cultural lectures and outings, travel, and other features.

Instead, the mission of the Summer Institute is to provide immersive, highly-focused language learning at an affordable cost, to reinforce American university French language instruction, and to promote French-language-based education abroad.

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