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Why Strasbourg? Why Alsace?

Borders divide but may also unite. Lining one side of the River Rhine, the ancient and modern city of Strasbourg, capital of Alsace, has known all the roles of a boundary land. The contemporary city is far more a center, and especially a crossroads of European cultures than is is the a borderland of France.

Home to international institutions, its two-culture heritage alive and well as the intersection of the EU’s two most powerful member-States, Strasbourg stands as a symbol of reconciliation. Along with Alsace it is an actor in the building of European community at local, regional and trans-national levels.

Still, much of the attraction of Strasbourg — the only city in Europe besides Geneva to host international organizations while not a national capital -– stems from it’s being a lively French city. Strasbourg offers a broad and highly representative canvas of contemporary France, at the local level. If study abroad is really anthropology, this teeming, ethnically diverse city is an anthropologist’s dream for understanding the reality of life in France today. It’s also a great place to live: green, crisscrossed with waterways and bike paths, a leader for urban innovation, a center for the arts,...
Alsace, France and Germany, Europe: an IFE field experience in Strasbourg is a chance to experience the layers of identity that make Strasbourg Strasbourg and Europe Europe.

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