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Life in Paris

Life in the French Capital

IFE encourages students to delve deeper into Parisian life by offering as many cultural resources as possible. From a well-stocked print and video library and a monthly newsletter on the latest films, music and books of note, to nights at the theater or cinema, students have opportunities to explore a different facet of the French capital.

Sample visits include...
 Visit to Fontainebleau with an IFE history professor
 Sorties Cinémas (to see a French language film)
 Sorties Theatre (from a current play to a one-man show or stand-up comedy routine)

In addition to cultural activities, IFE offers a series of workshops to help students discover new areas, and process their surroundings and experiences with a more critical approach.

Sample workshops include...

 Day visit/workshop in Créteil: Students make a trip to the town of Créteil just outside of Paris, visiting a local high school, a cité (low-income housing development), a youth cultural center, and a neighborhood emblematic of late-1960’s French architecture among others.

 Digital Storytelling Workshop: Students have the chance to learn digital video techniques as well as editing and film storytelling techniques in putting together a digital story about their internship. Not only do they gain practical film making skills, they also deepen their reflection on their internship and their experience of French culture.

 Theater workshop: An improv workshop with a Parisian theater company specializing in social issues and audience interaction allows students to become comfortable speaking and interacting, and have fun along the way!

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