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As with IFE’s other Field Study and Internship sites, students from all disciplines are invited to consider the Strasbourg program. Strasbourg is known for international excellence in scientific and biomedical research, for its dense cultural heritage and cultural life, as a dynamic urban space, as a center for European affairs, and as the capital of a border region where bilingualism and trans-national reflexes are part of everyday reality.

Nonetheless there are identifiable local particularities which IFE and prospective students can exploit in defining a placement strategy:

 access to local actors in social, political and cultural affairs;
 bilingualism (and trans-border activities) for students speaking some German as well;
 the European institutional framework and the many European-focused organizations headquartered in Strasbourg;
 the administrative life of a French region as accessible in the regional capital;
 other aspects as well depending on a student’s field (for example, medieval architecture).

As for specific examples, IFE hesitates to publish lists of placements, which however impressive can forge the mistaken notion that placement at IFE is a list-driven process . Instead, read more on student profiles...

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