Internship placements

The heart of an IFE semester is a mission-focused internship, in French, with an organization, university or company located in the Paris region, matching the student-intern's studies and goals.

Paris students during their internships: Economic and climate change think tank / Architectural firm / Cancer research lab


Paris needs no introduction, yet it surprises visitors and residents alike with the range and variety of new initiatives in economic sectors but also by civil society,  through social and cultural activism and in intellectual spheres. As Paris the bastion makes room for 21st-century Paris, featuring innovation and experimentation, student-interns can get involved in front-edge activities in all areas.

Paris continues to hold an important place in fashion, food, architecture, design and the arts, all fields open to IFE student-interns.

World-ranked universities in the Paris system host research interns in many fields in the sciences, social sciences and the arts