Internship Placements

The heart of an IFE semester is a mission-focused internship, in French, with an organization, university or company located in the Strasbourg region, matching the student-intern's studies and goals.

Strasbourg students during their internships: Genetics laboratory / Agricultural association / Linguistic research center

I’m grateful to have had this chance to work with the team at Rue89 Strasbourg. Thanks to them I got the bug for journalism and a glimpse into the real impact it has on communities.

Millicent (Millie). French, International Relations

Across the River Rhine from Germany, the capital city of Alsace offers a broad urban canvas of contemporary France. Its many and diverse neighborhoods offer student interns great opportunity for social and cultural involvement. Bi-cultural Strasbourg is home to the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and other Europe-focused organizations that add to the range of potential placements.

The regional level is where policy is implemented in France; student-interns in Strasbourg enjoy opportunities in environmental affairs, public health, education, immigration and integration, among other areas.

The University of Strasbourg is a leading European university and a source of not only talented teachers but also a range of student research opportunities in science laboratories and social science research institutes. In addition, IFE’s network for research internships includes The Institut d’Etudes Politiques, the Strasbourg National School of Architecture, national research bodies such as the CNRS, INSERM, or INRA with joint-labs at the University of Strasbourg, as well as the many organizations working on European affairs.