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Life in Strasbourg

A European city with a local feel...

Strasbourg is a multifaceted city, which boasts the seat of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe, and whose quaint historic center is a UNESCO world heritage site. IFE encourages students to explore the complexities of the city not only through their internship placements, but also through cultural and social activities. From day trips in the surrounding regions to fun excursions within the city, students have a chance to explore this beautiful on the German border, and come to understand its historical and cultural context..

Sample visits include...
 Visit to Kehl on the other side of the river in Germany
 Exploring the city’s monuments and going to a farmer’s market
 A guided tour of the Council of Europe
 Sampling local specialties like Flammekueche or a going out for Couscous
 Touring the city’s waterways by canoe and kayak
 Taking in local art museums

Sample trips include...

 A Day trip to the historical and picturesque town of Colmar
 A Day trip to the baroque city of Nancy
 A Day trip to see the famous cathedral (and sample some champagne!) in Reims

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