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The Brussels Field Study and Internship Program comprises five credit-bearing elements, fully described elsewhere on this site:

 Belgium: A European crossroads, a unique culture
 Brussels in Belgium and in Europe: A socio-urbanist approach
 Belgium in Europe and the World: A historical approach
 Europe- Culture, Institutions, society
 Independent study / field research

The school of record for this program, Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster PA, has established a credit model which IFE believes well reflects the academic work required for each element as well as the relative learning outcomes.

 Belgium: A contemporary European culture - 3 credits
 Brussels in Belgium and in Europe: A socio-urbanist approach - 3 credits
 Belgium in Europe and the World: An historical approach - 3 credits
 What is Europe?: Culture(s), institutions, society(ies) - 2 credits
 Independent study / field research - 7 credits

For students whose home institution requests or requires the F&M transfer transcript, IFE handles all transcript requests directly with the F&M Registrar as well as payment of all fees.

Inquiries about the transfer transcript, or about other credit models used by IFE partner institutions, may be directed to IFE.

Model transcript of the Franklin & Marshall College transfer transcript for the Paris Field Study and Internship Program

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