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The Institute for Field Education (IFE) originated as a French not-for-profit educational organization founded in 1988. IFE serves as a resource for advancing transatlantic understanding and contributing to European Studies in the US, principally by exposing students in depth and in situ to contemporary European society.

At IFE international education is driven by a vision focusing on rigor in academics, seriousness of purpose in experiential education, high standards for cross-cultural exposure and learning and, finally, the importance and value of integrating these three goals.

The foundation of IFE’s work is it’s Field Study and Internship program model (Paris, Strasbourg, Brussels, and Asturias), with its detailed emphasis on making the European workplace accessible to students as a productive learning and research space.

The keys to understanding IFE’s success can be found in the restricted size of its enrollments, its focus on one small area of the world, its embedded presence and dense local networks in that area, and its individual approach and commitment to designing the best possible international education for each student it enrolls.

Through IFE’s programs, students plunge into contemporary Europe, alongside committed professionals, and discover European society as it is: complex, stimulating, contradictory, creative.

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