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Admission Requirements for the Field Study and Internship programs

Students who do well in IFE’s Field Study and Internship programs are those who combine the following qualifications:

 A solid scholastic record (e.g. 3.00+ grade point average) and/or other demonstrations of their ability to assimilate new material, to think synthetically and analytically, and to carry out independent research.

 French or Spanish language competency, defined as:

  • the ability to present oneself and express some ideas in French or Spanish
  • good reading and oral comprehension; the ability to understand a lecture delivered in French or Spanish, for non-native speakers.
  • an intermediate level of written expression

 The personal motivation to to thrive in a cross-cultural context while improving one’s language skills. Values and assumptions may be called into question at the same time that a student is expected to respond to a work environment. Typically IFE placements call on a student’s ability to work within a group structure with individuals who may be different from those to whom the student is accustomed. OF course, IFE’s programs include structure, follow-up and accompaniment throughout the step-by-step semester.

 Potential candidates are encouraged to contact IFE to discuss their interest in a Field Study and Internship program, including the question of readiness. Students should keep in mind that IFE’s programs are largely self-selective, and that IFE staff are equipped to help students determine if this is the right choice.

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