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The Strasbourg preparatory session

Why an intensive preparation before the internship begins?

To enable students to take the step across the line that separates observers from participants, the IFE model begins with five weeks of classroom training, a mix of lectures and workshops combined with site visits. This preparatory session provides students with an in-depth introduction to the local setting and culture in which they will be living, working and studying for eighteen weeks.

How does the preparation work?

IFE’s pedagogical approach mixes lectures with small- group workshop classes for discussion, debate, press review, oral presentation, site visits and lecture/visits.

What is the language of the preparatory session?

All instruction is solely in French. French is the only language spoken during the preparatory session in class and outside of class while present on IFE’s premises.

What is the outcome of the preparatory session?

At the end of the first five weeks of the program, students are much more confident in spoken French and boast a solid familiarity with local issues, important figures, historical foundations as well as current events. They are now informed observers, ready to become informed participants.
And competent readers of the daily papers!

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