Internship placements

The heart of an IFE semester is a mission-focused internship, in Spanish, with an organization, university or company located in the Asturias region, matching the student-intern's studies and goals.

Asturias students during their internships: Gijón Chamber of Commerce / Local bookstore / Biochemistry laboratory

The Region of Asturias and Gijon offer a complete range of placement possibilities. Gijon is a diverse city, where student-interns can get involved in politics, business, social affairs, cultural organizations, environmental action, European affairs, and other areas.

In the internationally recognized laboratories of the University of Oviedo, IFE's students become research interns in all science fields, as well as in the social sciences.

Asturias is a dynamic Spanish region whose economy features large companies as well as many startups and small firms. Cultural activity ranges from promotion of Asturian traditions to contemporary music and film festivals. Nature conservation, sustainability, and biodiversity are themes that mobilize many actors in the region.