Teaching Staff

Irene Díaz

Historian specialized in Oral History methodology. Since 2007 she collaborates with the Archive of Oral Sources for the Social History of Asturias (AFOHSA). Her lines of research, focused on the Franco period, have focused on the study of the labor movement as well as on political violence and memory processes.

Alejandro Prada 

Holding a doctorate in art and musicological history, combined with graduate work in history and socio-cultural analysis, Alejandro Prada Vázquez is a writer, journalist, and art historian. Alejandro is currently conducting research in art history while also writing columns for the Spanish version of Huffington Post, El Pais, and other publications. In 2016 he won the University of Oviedo Literary Prize, and his first novel, Venus, was published in 2017.

Rubén Vega

Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Oviedo, Ruben Vega’s doctoral thesis examined industrial crisis and social unrest in Gijón (1975-1995). Ruben Garcia's research focuses on the Franco years and the democratic transition, along with research on the not-for-profit milieu, the culture of work and workers’ movements, social movements and the process of de-industrialization. Ruben Garcia is the director of the Oral Archives for the Social History of Asturias.

Natalia Quintanal

Holding degrees in Labor Relations and Theory, Natalia Quintana is also a certified coach for executive and strategic roles, with twenty years experience consulting to businesses on human-resource management and talent development. Natalia’s clientele is a reflection of the Asturian economy: local metallurgy firms, multinationals in heavy industry, technology firms and startups.