Field Study and Internship in Gijón, on Spain's northern coast

The Asturias Field Study and Internship Program is a Spanish-language program centered on a full-time internship or research placement as the means for linguisic immersion, cross-cultural learning, a better understanding of a chosen subject, and personal growth.

IFE students in front of "Las Letronas", Port of Gijón



Students take part in a six-week integrated program of classes, site visits, discussion sessions, intercultural workshops, outings, and two excursions in northern Spain. Students gain confidence in spoken Spanish, and get to know Spanish society well through exploring its history, contemporary issues and culture. Students become very familiar with the city of Gijon and the region of Asturias.


Student-interns complete a twelve-week internship, four days per week, with a host organization whose mission coincides with their academic concentration and their objectives for the IFE program.


During their internship students complete a research project focused on one aspect of their internship, guided by a research advisor. Most of the sources for this project are from the host organization and the internship itself.

Individual follow-up and support (probably the most important part)

Each student works closely with IFE staff before arrival to determine the best possible placement. Once on site, students are in close touch with IFE staff who make sure they are adequately prepared, coached and supported throughout the semester. Students are assigned an individual research advisor for their independent research project.