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- From the French Senate to Washington policymakers
- At the center of French election maps
- An International perspective on the French Socialist Party

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From the French Senate to Washington policymakers

Name: Molly S.
Undergraduate major field(s): International Studies
Goals for her Paris Field Study semester: Become fluent in French, assimilate into French culture and apply her International Studies major to a working environment.
Placement: Offices of a political party caucus in the French Senate.
Responsibilities as intern:
- Serve as assistant to the head of the communications office of the caucus.
- Prepare daily press reviews, and thematic press reviews on « hot » topics.
- Preparation of press conferences.
- Updating documentation on caucus website.
- Prepare a presentation of the work of the Senate for the general public.
- Observe Senate sessions.
Subject of research: The Many Strands of the Socialist Party : Towards a Coherent and Unified Ideology
And... Molly combined IFE with Trinity-in-Paris for a year of study abroad. Upon graduation she found a position with a grassroots health policy organization and WDC-based think tank.

At the center of French election maps

Name: Gabriel C.
Undergraduate major field(s): Political Science
Goals for his Field Study semester: To deepen my knowledge of French language and culture, and to learn about the ways in which government can have a positive effect on society by implementing effective policies.
Placement: France’s leading research center on political life
Responsibilities as intern:
- Proofread and edit English translations of a work entitled “How voters decide”
- Track election and campaign news for imminent regional elections in France; contribute to electoral maps by enriching the excel databases from which the maps are generated
- Work with map-making software to produce election maps, analyzing data, choosing nomenclatures and rereading results
- Translate content for center’s website into English
- Analyze and create summaries of team meetings
Subject of research: The Decline of the French Communist Party
And... Gabriel was so meticulous about his job that he found an error in a map published by a major French daily!

An International perspective on the French Socialist Party

Name: Elizabeth M.
Undergraduate major field(s): Anthropology
Goals for her Field Study semester: To deepen her understanding of the French political world through an internship in a politics-based organization
Placement: The international department of the French Socialist Party (PS)
Responsibilities as intern:
- Track American presidential election, summarizing issues and coverage for the head of the international department of the Socialist Party
- Conduct research on transatlantic relations and American media for the head of the PS
- Explore possibilities of American contacts for the PS
Subject of research: “Yes” or “no” to the Constitution: The debate on the European constitutional treaty of 2005
And… After her experience working in politics Elizabeth went on to practice law, and currently works as an attorney for a major US law firm.
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