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Student profiles

 Journalism for justice, okay, but in French?
 From a French NGO to water management in India
 Fighting hunger, learning French
 An internship in Microfinance? Good investment
 "Good Practice" in sustainable development

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Journalism for justice, okay, but in French?

Name: Caitlin J.
Undergraduate major field(s): English, concentration in journalism
Goals for her Paris Field Study semester: Perfect oral French skills while applying journalism training in a social justice context.
Placement: Reporters Without Borders (RSF – an NGO for press freedom and human rights)
Responsibilities as intern:
 Produce finished video stories from footage by exiled journalists.
 Write press releases for videos about to be published.
 Translate and add subtitles to videos.
 Participate in staff meetings and edit RSF English-language documents.
Subject of research: Freedom of the press in the electronic era: repressive governments versus technology.
And... Now possesses proven ability to function effectively in a fast-paced French-language setting

From a French NGO to water management in India

Name: Anand V.
Undergraduate major field(s): Political Science, French
Goals for his Field Study semester: “To converse like a native French speaker, and gain experience working at a NGO or non-profit in the field of international development.”
Placement: NGO for international development
Responsibilities as intern:
 Translation and analysis of dossiers
 Participation in training workshops
 Research on partner organizations
 Attending meetings in Marseille on water management in India—note taking, analysis
Subject of research: Water Management in India: The impact of policies on human an economic development
And... Anand is currently completing a post-graduate program in Marketing Research in partnership with The Nielsen Company, India

Fighting hunger, learning French

Name: Kelly C.
Undergraduate major field(s): International Policy Studies
Goals for her Field Study semester: To gain experience working for an organization that will further my career goals to work in humanitarian policy
Placement: NGO that fights against world hunger
Responsibilities as intern:
 Translate texts; create systems to organize and classify documents
 Conduct research using both bibliographic and internet sources on malaria and diabetes with the goal of creating an assessment of medical protocols that combat these diseases around the world
Subject of research: Action Contre la Faim and its struggle against malaria: an accounting of new protocols for malaria treatment
And... Kelly used her French skills and knowledge of world hunger issues when she reviewed a book on the geopolitics of hunger for a French online literary review

An internship in Microfinance? Good investment

Name: Elizabeth W.
Undergraduate major field(s): French & International Relations, Business minor
Goals for her Field Study semester: To explore the world of microfinance in an internationally focused NGO, to further her ultimate goal of working in the field
Placement: European Microfinance Network (REM)
Responsibilities as intern:
 Contribute to the 2011 annual report of the organization as well as to an informational brochure about new members
 Participate in invoicing and collecting payments on loans and membership fees
 Collect and monitor data concerning microfinance in Europe, assisting with the production of a newsletter for the first quarter of 2012 and of a guide to the various programs of the Network
Subject of research: The Role of the South African State In the National Development of Microcredit.

"Good Practice" in sustainable development

Name: Contessa M.
Undergraduate major field(s): French and Francophone Studies
Goals for her Field Study semester: “One of my goals for this internship is to help me identify an area of concentration within the study of international relations for me to focus on.”
Placement: Enda Europe (NGO in international development)
Responsibilities as intern:
 Participate in a major ongoing project on waste recycling in four countries in Asia and Africa, disseminating information to a wide public
 Research techniques and good practices of recycling focusing on those which include an adequate level of social protection and health safeguards for workers
 Work on the project’s website, which serves not only for communication but also as a resource center for project participants
 Produce a series of fact sheets on recycling techniques in both French and English.
 Conduct research into American donors and funding sources
Subject of research: The debate over “Good practice” in Sustainable Development
And... Contessa was asked to continue her work for Enda, researching sustainable practices in waste and recycling during her senior year
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