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 Moving into Movies, in Paris
 Documentary film maker makes short films about ... journalists
 Magnum photos tell many different Parisian stories
 How did I end up dancing in a carotte costume on national TV?
 Post-production outside the borders of cinema

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Moving into Movies, in Paris

Name: Paul C.
Undergraduate major field(s): Computer Science & Media
Goals for his/her Paris Field Study semester: To establish himself in the French film industry, based on his degree and previous experience.
Placement: a mid-sized film production company for feature films and documentaries
Responsibilities as intern:
 production assistant on and off location for all aspects of production.
 follow selected projects from beginning to end.
Subject of research: Comparing French and American film industries in their approach to production.
And... After a six-month internship, Paul was hired as a production assistant by his host company.

Documentary film maker makes short films about ... journalists

Name: Mirabelle K.
Undergraduate major field(s) Foreign Languages (Media Studies Minor).
Goals for her Paris Field Study semester:Use her interest in the arts in a professional setting, develop her skills in video production and especially documentary film, and prepare for professional involvement in France and
Europe after graduation.
 Reporters without Borders, an NGO active worldwide for hurman rights and freedom of speech.
Responsibilities as intern
 Assistant to the Director of Communications and to the
 Director of Press Relations.
 Produce and edit video stories for use on the organization’s
 Participate in all activities of this NGO.
Subject of research: An analysis of various audio-visual formats for communication by the NGO Reporters without Borders.
And... Mirabelle prepared a review of a DVD boxed set of documentary films that have won the Albert Londres Prize, for publication on a major French literary review website.

Magnum photos tell many different Parisian stories

Name: Harris S.
Undergraduate major field(s): French Studies
Goals for his Field Study semester: Gain experience in a French work environment while completing an internship in a media-related field
Placement: International photo agency
Responsibilities as intern:
 Work in the Magnum photo library archives; sorting boxes by theme, digitizing photographic collections etc.
 Work on books of photography recreating certain albums in the database and archival collections
 Identify and organize contact sheets by code, storing with the proper collections
Subject of research: Magnum Yesterday and Today: Revolution / evolution
And... Having worked in photography in Paris, Harris has moved to other creative endeavors and is now getting a master’s and teaching fiction courses at Brooklyn College.

How did I end up dancing in a carotte costume on national TV?

Name: Ryan C.
Undergraduate major field(s): Film Studied & French Language and Literature
Goals for his Field Study semester: Complete an internship in French print or broadcast media to further goal of entering into the television production industry
Placement: KM Production (production arm of one of French TV’s biggest shows; the daily Grand Journal, on cable network Canal+)
Responsibilities as intern:
 Manage the various accessories needed for each live and pre-taped sketch shown; conduct various tasks linked to the sketches (running errands, set handling, acting as lighting stand-in for rehearsals, etc.)
 Assist with research and translations for stories on the American presidential elections; offer various contributions and analyses during election week
 Contribute to the translation and sub-titling of a documentary entitled "Obama Blues"
 Be present on the set and assist the production team with whatever is necessary, meeting with a number of public figures from French politics or show business (some examples: Karl Lagerfeld, the cast of the latest Asterix film, assorted international stars)
Subject of research: A comparison of French and American approaches to television comedy and an analysis of the failure of SNL-type formats in French television programming
And... As part of a show focusing on the “Semaine du gout” (Tasting week) throughout France, Ryan got some on-screen time in the audience…dressed as a carrot, dancing side-by-side with his friend broccoli!

Post-production outside the borders of cinema

Name: Daniel S.
Undergraduate major field(s): Communications, French & Photography minors
Goals for his Field Study semester: Develop French language skills and become familiar with French film culture, through an internship working collaboratively with others to produce film
Placement: Doctors Without Borders (MSF) / Reporters Without Borders (RSF)
Responsibilities as intern:
 Serve as the assistant to the audiovisual production manager
 Work on final versions of short web documentaries including mixing the sound, synchronizing translations, etc.
 Film speeches given at MSF; complete technical tasks associated with documentary film archives
 Manage the finalization of short documentaries, assembling interviews filmed abroad, for dissemination by on the Internet
Subject of research: An analysis of communications tools used by Doctors Without Borders
And... Daniel has taken his skills to his job as a post-production supervisor, producing video content and live stream broadcasts for a major company.
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