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 Recent immigrant works for the rights of recent immigrants, in France
 Political science meets human rights in the European Human Rights Court
 Exploring cultural outreach as a tool to fight discrimination

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Recent immigrant works for the rights of recent immigrants, in France

Name: Isabella D.
Undergraduate major field(s): International Studies with an international law concentration and French-language focus, native Spanish speaker
Goals for her Paris Field Study semester: Learn about the French legal and immigration systems while perfecting her French.
Placement: France’s leading civil rights organization
Responsibilities as intern:
 Participation in the daily tasks and administration of the department.
 Take charge of a caseload of violation complaint files.
 Receive and process individuals filing a request for legal aid (primarily newly-arrived political refugees).
 Was particularly useful in handling English and Spanish speaking clients.
Subject of research: Immigration Policy in France: family reunification and the Hortefeux Act.
And... Isabella won an honors award at her home university for her work and research at IFE. She was also awarded a State Department internship in the Africa section of the Bureau of Democracy and Human Rights.

Political Science meets human rights in the European Human Rights Court

Name: Jessica H.
Undergraduate major field(s): Political Science, French, Spanish
Goals for her Field Study semester: To participate fully in the life of the organization for which I work, communicating in French, while learning as much as possible about the state of human rights and the European Union.
Placement: International human rights institute
Responsibilities as intern:
 Conduct research at the library of the European Court of Human Rights on the relationship of the US with international human rights conventions and treaties
 Research and contact American and international Universities and institutes that could serves as partners on future projects
 Translate texts, learning specific judicial vocabulary in both French and English
 Prepare for the registration for the following session
Subject of research: The United States in the Face of International Human Rights

Exploring cultural outreach as a tool to fight discrimination

Name: Sarah M.
Undergraduate major field(s): Political Science, French
Goals for her Field Study semester: Acquire specialized knowledge of human rights in an international setting; successfully integrate into a French workplace and improve French language skills.
Placement: International Human Rights institute
Responsibilities as intern:
 Contribute to preparation of international training sessions at the Institute
 Conduct research on specific issues in human rights
 Participate in team meetings
 Compile thematic press revues of French and Foreign publications
Subject of research: Cultural outreach financed by the ACSE between 2006 and 2008 and its effects on the fight against discrimination
And... IFE had the pleasure of recommending Sarah for an AmeriCorps position, which she obtained at an NGO in Philadelphia that focuses on immigrant integration in the community.
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