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 From the French Senate to Washington policymakers
 At the center of French election maps
 An International perspective on the French Socialist Party

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From the French Senate to Washington policymakers

Name: Molly S.
Undergraduate major field(s): International Studies
Goals for her Paris Field Study semester: Become fluent in French, assimilate into French culture and apply her International Studies major to a working environment.
Placement: Offices of a political party caucus in the French Senate.
Responsibilities as intern:
 Serve as assistant to the head of the communications office of the caucus.
 Prepare daily press reviews, and thematic press reviews on « hot » topics.
 Preparation of press conferences.
 Updating documentation on caucus website.
 Prepare a presentation of the work of the Senate for the general public.
 Observe Senate sessions.
Subject of research: The Many Strands of the Socialist Party : Towards a Coherent and Unified Ideology
And... Molly combined IFE with Trinity-in-Paris for a year of study abroad. Upon graduation she found a position with a grassroots health policy organization and WDC-based think tank.

At the center of French election maps

Name: Gabriel C.
Undergraduate major field(s): Political Science
Goals for his Field Study semester: To deepen my knowledge of French language and culture, and to learn about the ways in which government can have a positive effect on society by implementing effective policies.
Placement: France’s leading research center on political life
Responsibilities as intern:
 Proofread and edit English translations of a work entitled “How voters decide”
 Track election and campaign news for imminent regional elections in France; contribute to electoral maps by enriching the excel databases from which the maps are generated
 Work with map-making software to produce election maps, analyzing data, choosing nomenclatures and rereading results
 Translate content for center’s website into English
 Analyze and create summaries of team meetings
Subject of research: The Decline of the French Communist Party
And... Gabriel was so meticulous about his job that he found an error in a map published by a major French daily!

An International perspective on the French Socialist Party

Name: Elizabeth M.
Undergraduate major field(s): Anthropology
Goals for her Field Study semester: To deepen her understanding of the French political world through an internship in a politics-based organization
Placement: The international department of the French Socialist Party (PS)
Responsibilities as intern:
 Track American presidential election, summarizing issues and coverage for the head of the international department of the Socialist Party
 Conduct research on transatlantic relations and American media for the head of the PS
 Explore possibilities of American contacts for the PS
Subject of research: “Yes” or “no” to the Constitution: The debate on the European constitutional treaty of 2005
And… After her experience working in politics Elizabeth went on to practice law, and currently works as an attorney for a major US law firm.
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