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Angiogenesis, computer metrology, biopolar disorder, dark energy, innovative methods in biostatistics, new generation lower limb ortheses, open-source computing, automotive design, plant growth modeling,...

From bench research in France and Belgium’s top molecular biology laboratories to tracking tuberculosis in north Paris, or etablishing standards and measures for electronic components, scientists and engineers in IFE’s programs are able to conduct research in their field, in French.
IFE also works with pre-med students interested in social medicine and students specializing in public health.

Key facts about Science, Math and Engineering at IFE

 Works with all major public research institutions: CNRS, INSERM, Collège de France, University of Paris, Pasteur Institute, Curie Institute...
 Broad range of internship types: research laboratory but also public agencies, government industries, private sector R&D, and other applied
 Science placements.
 Active in all scientific fields, not only Biology but also: Physics, Chemistry, Engineering (all fields), Computer Science, Mathematics, etc.
 Students in pre-medical studies may also work in Public Health, social medicine, epidemiology, health care delivery systems, and the like.
 Students’ advisor for the writtten project drawn from the host organization or its milieu to ensure close fit in terms of expertise.
 The written work (“independent study”) associated with the internship in the IFE model may take the form of a scientific journal article.
 IFE’s programs in Brussels and Strasbourg find top-level laboratory placements in those cities.

The placement process begins with the admissions application which includes a "placement form" which allows students to describe in detail what they wish to pursue during their semester of Field Study and Internship. From that point forward the process is completely individualized. It is not a list-based process.
The profiles and lists provided here are meant solely to demonstrate the variety of student academic/professional goals within the broad field of culture which can be accomodated by IFE’s programs}.

A list of sample internships and field research projects in natural and life sciences and engineering

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