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 From colonial Virginia to colonial France
 Someday I want to be researcher on contemporary France ... in France
 History student looks at how World War II is taught in French classrooms
 A classic(al) Parisian experience
 A transatlantic perspective on muslim world studies

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From colonial Virginia to colonial France

Name: Caryne E.
Undergraduate major field(s): History, Anthropology
Goals for her Paris Field Study semester: Broaden her historian’s interest in American colonial history by exploring the relationship of France with its colonies.
Placement: Musée Social (museum, archives and research center for social movement history)
Responsibilities as intern:
 Contribute to large project of digitizing the Museum’s archives catalogue in partnership with the National Library of France.
 Participate in daily life of the Museum: conservation, archiving, and assisting guest readers.
 Establish English-version of the Museum’s Internet site.
 Pursue a research project based on an important documentary collection on the Colonial Exposition of 1931.
Subject of research: The 1931 Colonial Exhibition in Paris: Apogee of French colonialism
And... In pursuing her research, Caryne contributed to the Museum’s understanding of its previously unexplored holdings of contemporary documents on the 1931 Colonial Exhibition.

Someday I want to be researcher on contemporary France ... in France

Name: Annika T.
Undergraduate major field(s): History, French Studies
Goals for her Paris Field Study semester: Tie together her interest in contemporary French history with her French major, carry out research to serve as a basis for a senior thesis, combing two majors, and lay the groundwork for a future career in research in France.
Placement: Robert Schuman Foundation (think tank on European integration)
Responsibilities as intern:
 Act as research associate to the Director of Research.
 Contribute to the weekly newsletter.
 Track developments and events on websites of major European and international organizations.
 Produce research memos on various topics.
 Observe and summarize events and debates in the American presidential election.
Subject of research: The Upcoming American Presidential Election (2012): Likely effects on EU-US relations
And... Annika’s year in France included a Fall semester studying 20th century French history in Strasbourg, where she was bitten by the EU bug, and pursued this new passion in Paris with IFE in the Spring.

A classic(al) Parisian experience

Name: Leah S.
Undergraduate major field(s): Classics
Goals for her Field Study semester: To gain experience that will add depth to my studies on early Greek poetry and literature and assist in my goals of completing an honors thesis in classics and eventually teaching in the field.
Placement: Louis Gernet Center for Classical Studies
Responsibilities as intern:
 Work on organization in the center’s library, sorting, reorganizing and classifying works.
 Assist the Center’s researchers
 Translate scholarly articles
 Attend post-graduate level seminars given by the Center
Subject of research: Grace and the Graces in Pindare and Bachylide
And... Thanks to her work research in Paris, Leah received an academic prize her senior year for excellence in the study of Greek literature.

A transatlantic perspective on muslim world studies

Name: Nathan M.
Undergraduate major field(s): History
Goals for his Field Study semester: “To unite my academic concentrations with my professional aspiration of becoming involved in present-day transatlantic relations”
Placement: Research institute for Islamic and Muslim world studies 
Responsibilities as intern:
 Meet with and interview researchers and other experts for his research topic
 Work with the institute on improving its communications, translating texts for a pamphlet and for the institute’s website
 Attend seminars relating to his topic of research
 Track anglophone institutions and publishers for the Institute’s online network Subject of research: History, Memory, and Politics: The Algerian war from both sides of the Mediterranean
And... Nathan continues the study of history as a PhD candidate in history at Johns Hopkins University.

History student looks at how World War II is taught in French classrooms

Name: Philip S.
Undergraduate major field(s): History
Goals for his Field Study semester: To explore the manner in which public perception of WWII has changed over time and the ways in which French society and its educational establishments confronted and explored such topics as the defeat of 1940, Vichy, collaboration and the Resistance.
Placement: Research center for contemporary history
Responsibilities as intern:
 Translate texts of the website Criminicorpus, devoted to the history of criminal justice, from French to English
 Research possibility of creating a network of the principal research centers and researchers working on the history of justice, crime and sentencing, in the Anglo Saxon and former Soviet countries.
 Learn scientific research methods practiced by the center, exploring its collections and archives
 Attend seminars and colloquia held at the center
Subject of research: Who Won the War: Primary education and history textbooks in France since WWII
And... Philip continued his career as an historian, earning his master’s from the University of Chicago followed by a Doctorate at the ASU, in their renowned European history program.
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