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 Bringing theory to concrete, and vice-versa, for a women’s studies major
 Try this on for size: fashion and feminism in one magazine
 Women in sports

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Bringing theory to concrete, and vice-versa, for a women’s studies major

Name: Eve G.
Undergraduate major field(s): Women’s Studies, French
Goals for her Paris Field Study semester: Deepen her understanding of French society, while testing her theoretical learning on marginalized groups through an activist setting, and in another culture.
Placement: Not-for-profit support organization (Tjenbé Rèd) for LGBT members of African and Caribbean communities + women’s movement bookstore (Violette et Co.)
Responsibilities as intern:
 Violette et Co.: Participate in all activities of the bookstore, maintain presence at a booktable on the sidewalk out front, participate in activist group meetings in the store, familiarize herself with this specialized bibliography.
 Tjenbé Rèd: Interview heads of other associations to build a network, attend weekly meetings, help organize and participate in activist events.
Subject of research: Inevitable Intersections in Gender and Ethnic Communities: Anti-communautarianism and recent developments in French feminist and LGBT movements.
And... Involved with several not-for-profits and activists groups, including demonstrations, Eve more than fulfilled her initial wish to get out of the classroom and onto the pavement! Which didn’t keep her from producing a highly regarded historical-analytic research paper.

Try this on for size: fashion and feminism in one magazine

Name: Alice H.
Undergraduate major field(s): Comparative Literature, strong interest in fashion
Goals for her IFE Field Study semester: Use solid oral French skills to become fluent in French as a professional language; explore possibilities of a career in media and the arts.
Placement: Editorial staff of the leading French women’s magazine Marie Claire
Responsibilities as intern:
 Research proposed stories.
 Transcribe and translate interviews.
 Assist in all aspects of preparation of content for a monthly magazine.
Subject of research: Freedom, Femininity and Identity: The image of women in women’s press.
And... Alice discovered the other side of the camera and notebook when she was chosen as one of the subjects for a story in Marie Claire on what young women are wearing. Also, she has maintained contacts with the editorial staff for possible future work with the magazine.

Women in sports

Name: Leslie J.
Undergraduate major field(s): Political Science and Sports Studies
Goals for the internship experience: Combine both major fields in one internship, in France
Placement: The International Bureau of the Ministry for Sports and Youth Affairs
Responsibilities as intern:
 Participation in all the activities and daily tasks of the International Bureau of the Ministry of Sports
 Focus in particular on activities linked to the ministerial theme “Women in Sports” including translation and preparation of minutes of meetings, participate in international lobbying activities, etc.
 An active role in the development of a survey instrument on women in sports in Europe, for the Council of Europe.
Subject of research: Women and Sports: Planning and implementing policy for equality of opportunity for women in sports.
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