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 How do you say geek in French?
 Building bridges while building better braces
 Mechanical engineering student find the ’drive’ working on engine belts
 Bridging cultures and the Loire river

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How do you say geek in French?

Name: Shathel H.
Undergraduate major field(s): Computer Science, French
Goals for his Paris Field Study semester: Pursue a twin commitment to scientific and social/cultural learning, in keeping with his multi-cultural background.
Placement: R&D department of Atos Worldline, European leader in electronic transactions
Responsibilities as intern:
 Carry out specific tasks for R&D projects in online payment and security.
 Learn new techniques, develop software prototypes.
 Collaborate with 2 R&D teams, located in other regions of France.
Subject of research: A New Era in On-Line Identity: Technical, social and economic aspects of single digital identity
And... Shathel traveled to the Loire Valley and the North of France to work with R&D teams, while learning about the business of technology by being based at headquarters in Paris. Since graduating, he has been hired by a software development firm.

Building bridges while building better braces

Name: Rayan B.
Undergraduate major field(s): Biomedical Engineering
Goals for hisParis Field Study semester: Become fluent in French, learn more about French society which marked his own country of Lebanon, experience French and European approaches to the field of biomedical engineering.
Placement: Research Laboratory in Biomechanics and Bioengineering at the University of Compiègne.
Responsibilities as intern:
 Become a full-fledged member of a renowned research team.
 Carry out a bibliographic survey on dynamic modeling of the lower members.
 Conduct market research on state-of-the-art lower member orthoses.
 Conceive and develop a computer model of lower member movement and apply it to the design of innovative orthoses.
Subject of research Biomechanical Modelling of Lower Limbs Applied to Virtual Design of Improved Ortheses 
And... Rayan is continuing this project as a senior thesis while remaining in contact with his host laboratory, where his results have been included in publications. Rayan is thinking about graduate school in France.

Mechanical engineering student find the ’drive’ working on engine belts

Name: Caitlin A.
Undergraduate major field(s): Mechanical Engineering
Goals for hisParis Field Study semester: "Learn how to apply theories I have learned in class in an internship through for hands-on experience"
Placement: Bertrandt S.A. (automotive engineering firm)
Responsibilities as intern:
 Integrate into a team, working side by side with automotive engineers
 Develop an individual project consisting of collecting data and establishing a record for a particular model of calculation
 Apply calculation model to learn about technical aspects of an engine drive belt, with the goal of establishing a tool for future use by the firm.
Subject of research Computer Program for Automatic Calculation and Optimization of Auto Engine Drive Belts
And... Caitlin’s hands-on experience helped her as she went on to earn a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Brown and then to work for Microsoft as a program manager.

Bridging cultures and the Loire river

Name: Elizabeth D.
Undergraduate major field(s): Mechanical Engineering
Goals for hisParis Field Study semester: "To complete an internship where I can research, study and analyze structures and learn more about how an engineering firm operates."
Placement: Architectural and engineering firm
Responsibilities as intern:
 Become a member of a team of young professionals working on a bridge design project spanning the Loire river for the city of Nantes
 Aid in the production of technical plans for bridge design project
 Master the use of AutoCAD software for computer aided design, drafting, and modeling in both 2D and 3D environments
Subject of research A Comparative Study of Two Bridges Designed by the Same Architect
And... After IFE, Elizabeth completed a senior capstone project for the Office of Planning and Development in Northampton, MA in which she designed an access spur for the Manhan Rail Trail to serve the South Street neighborhood in Northampton.
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