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 Grounded in foreign affairs, student looks at the aviation industry in US-French relations
 Two different perspectives give an in-depth picture of the art market
 Electronic transactions and cross-cultural interactions

Grounded in foreign affairs, student looks at the aviation industry in US-French relations

Name: Stephanie W.
Undergraduate major field: Foreign Affairs & French Language and Literature
Goals for her Paris Field Study: To acclimate to French society and workplace and become completely fluent in French.
Placement: US embassy commercial service
Responsibilities as intern:
 Writing market briefs; research competitors as well as potential markets and new clients within the French Defense and Civilian Aviation sectors
 Coordinate logistics for receptions at Ambassador’s Residence and the Paris Air Show.
 Help arrange meetings between American companies and potential international clients; market research, communication with French and American organization, preparation of follow-up materials
Subject of research: Trade-protectionism: Brilliant policy or old-fashioned idea?
And... Stephanie puts her international experience to use as she works for a large law firm specializing in immigration.

Two different perspectives give an in depth picture of the art market

Name: Charlotte D.
Undergraduate major field(s): International Relations, French
Goals for her Field Study semester: To explore international business through an internship in the cultural field.
Placement: Gallery for contemporary art & Sotheby’s
Responsibilities as intern:
 Assist in the preparation for the FIAC (international contemporary art faire)
 Help in installing a new exhibit in the gallery space
 Assist the head of client services in preparation for auction sale; research on events and clients
Subject of research: The Art Market in France
And... Charlotte Went on to work as a marketing intern for Sotheby’s and uses that experience in sales development oin her job at a major cosmetics brand.

Electronic transactions and cross-cultural interactions

Name: Courtney V.
Undergraduate major field(s): Finance, French Studies
Goals for her Field Study semester: To experience life as a business professional and start a network in the international business world.
Placement: No. 1 European firm in electronic transactions
Responsibilities as intern:
 Assist in the development of future mobile payment systems for public facilities
 Research past methods of electronic payment, consumer confidence and company implementation of these methods
 Compile information and studies on technological payment systems to make projections for future progressive payment systems.
Subject of research: Mobile Means of Payment: An opportunity for the future?
And... Courtney continues to work in business with a multinational beverages company, managing promotions.
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