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Student Profiles

Student Profiles

 A thirst for comparative perspective on water policy
 International studies student takes on political negotiations on climate change
 How do we transform the mediterranean sun into a renewable energy source?
 An American transplant protects native plant species in Paris

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A thirst for comparative perspective on water policy

Name: Meggy H.
Undergraduate major field(s): Environmental Policy and Technology
Goals for her Paris Field Study semester: Learn about French and European environmental policy, while perfecting oral French skills.
Placement: Water Quality Bureau, Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development
Responsibilities as intern:
 Synthesize case studies of measures taken against agro-pollution at the sub-watershed level.
 Analyze effectiveness of sub-watershed level policies.
 Represent the Bureau at national and EU level meetings and summarize the proceedings.
 Draft speeches and reports for the Ministry.
Subject of research: The French strategy for reducing water pollution from agricultural sources, within the EU policy context.
And... "Not only did I gain a solid understanding of the field, but I also got to meet and converse with some of the main policymakers, attend important meetings in Brussels, and help write speeches and reports for the Ministry."

International studies student takes on political negotiations on climate change

Name: Jamie S.
Undergraduate major field(s): International Studies
Goals for her Field Study semester: “To develop my French vocabulary and refine my French writing skills on a professional level. To gain practical experience in an NGO or a think tank whose work is related to international trade or international development and economic policy.”
Placement: Research institute for sustainable development in a global context
Responsibilities as intern:
 Participate in an effort to summarize theories in international relations and political interplay on internal and external level in international negotiations, conducting research and bibliographic work and writing summaries
 Simulate negotiations on climate policy; analyze the US presidential rhetoric on climate, environmental and renewable energy policy.
 Attend research seminars
Subject of research: International Relations Theory Applied to Multilateral Negotiations on Climate Policy
And... Jaime was awarded a merit scholarship to do a joint masters program in Economic Policy and International Relations at Sciences po and LSE, focusing on Brazil-Africa relations.

How do we transform the mediterranean sun into renewable energy source?

Name: Natalie C.
Undergraduate major field(s): Environmental Studies and Economics
Goals for her Field Study semester: To gain a non-American perspective on environmental issues, and to examine the social effects of economic and environmental policy in a project oriented workplace
Placement: French Ministry for Ecology and Environmental Affairs
Responsibilities as intern:
 Daily preparation of documents relating to two major ministry projects; an international platform for funding (WIRE) and a foundation devoted to renewable forms of energy
 Conduct research for the European-level Mediterranean Solar Plan, examining the effectiveness of economic models for solar panel development
 Collect data and carry out projections for the Horizon 2030 project, analyze the effect of regional policy and government subsidies
 Help organize public lectures sponsored by the department
Subject of research: A Comparison of Economic Models for Renewable Energy Projects
And... Natalie continues to conduct research on renewable energy sources. She is part of a group that plans symposia across the US with the aim of creating consensus in communities where wind turbines are proposed.

An American transplant protects native plant species in Paris

Name: Hailey M.
Undergraduate major field(s): French and Francophone Studies
Goals for her Field Study semester: To become familiar with the activities associated with working at a non-profit and gain a more global understanding of activism and environmental policy abroad
Placement: Environmental Policy NGO
Responsibilities as intern:
 Become familiarized with the projects of the organization, translating documents as needed
 Research on biodiversity; focus on specific plant species, their uses, threats to their growth environment, and solutions for their preservation
 Create activities in relation to the current exhibit by the organization on three different plants
 Create accompanying material for the exhibit; research and write information sheets
Subject of research: Biodiversity and Public Policy: A comparison of the effectiveness of endangered species acts in the US (1973) and France (1976)
And... Hailey hope to pursue her interest in biodiversity and environmental policy working for the US Conservation Corps.
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