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 Journalism for justice, okay, but in French?
 With the snipers in Strasbourg cathedral: How I photographed Obama (photojournalism)
 Try this on for size: fashion and feminism in one magazine
 This just in: IFE student produces stories on the latest news
 "I increased their Twitter follower count by 19%"
 Inside the art department of a major magazine

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Journalism for justice, okay, but in French?

Name: Caitlin J
Undergraduate major field(s): English, concentration in journalism
Goals for her IFE Field Study semester: Perfect oral French skills while applying journalism training in a social justice context.
Placement: Reporters Without Borders (RSF – an NGO for press freedom and human rights)
Responsibilities as intern:
 Produce finished video stories from footage by exiled journalists.
 Write press releases for videos about to be published.
 Translate and add subtitles to videos.
 Participate in staff meetings and edit RSF English-language documents.
Subject of research: Freedom of the press in the electronic era: repressive governments versus technology.
And... Now possesses proven ability to function effectively in a fast-paced French-language setting.

With the snipers in Strasbourg cathedral: How I photographed Obama

Name: Will N.
Undergraduate major field(s): Individualized Major in Photojournalism, as a response to stories of globalization and culture gleaned in the International Scholar’s Program
Goals for his IFE Field Study semester: Pursue further cross-cultural experience, while learning about professional photojournalism.
Placement: 1) Photography Service of the Communications Office of the Ministry of the Interior 2) Photo service of the daily newspaper Le Monde
Responsibilities as intern:
 Interior Ministry: carry out in-the-field photo assignments from ministerial meetings to protest marches.
 Le Monde: working with reporters, attending photo editorial meetings, organizing and researching photos for tomorrow’s newspaper. Learned to produce images useful to the press.
Subject of research: Comparative study of photography in the service of institutions and photography for the press: an historical, technical and political approach.
And... Will was asked to cover the G8 meetings in Strasbourg in June 2009 for the Ministry of the Interior, including the meeting between presidents Sarkozy and Obama, as well as the unrest in the streets.

Try this on for size: fashion and feminism in one magazine

Name: Alice H.
Undergraduate major field(s): Comparative Literature, strong interest in fashion
Goals for her IFE Field Study semester: Use solid oral French skills to become fluent in French as a professional language; explore possibilities of a career in media and the arts.
Placement: Editorial staff of the leading French women’s magazine Marie Claire
Responsibilities as intern:
 Research proposed stories.
 Transcribe and translate interviews.
 Assist in all aspects of preparation of content for a monthly magazine.
Subject of research: Freedom, Femininity and Identity: The image of women in women’s press.
And... Alice discovered the other side of the camera and notebook when she was chosen as one of the subjects for a story in Marie Claire on what young women are wearing. Also, she has maintained contacts with the editorial staff for possible future work with the magazine.

This just in: IFE student produces stories on the latest news

Name: Tsvetina C.
Undergraduate major field(s): International Studies
Goals for her IFE Field Study semester: Get to know France and Paris as an insider, through working full time in a job (preferably in the media, producing content for a news network of some kind.)
Placement: TV news department of International multimedia news agency
Responsibilities as intern:
 Become involved at all levels of production; Identifying stories, contacting people for information and interviews, organizing filming, conducting interviews, writing, editing and fact-checking scripts.
 Produce several stories, subjects ranging from places in Paris, to interviews with important individuals
Subject of research: The Media and the Economic Crisis of 2008-2009: An explosive relationship.
And... Tsvetina has returned to Paris to pursue her interest in international studies as a MSc candidate at Sciences po’, specializing in international economic policy.

"I increased their Twitter follower count by 19%"

Name: Alexandra S.
Undergraduate major field(s): Political Economy & Development
Goals for her IFE Field Study semester: To work in the media industry and learn about it first-hand, while being totally immersed in French language.
Placement: French public television news network
Responsibilities as intern:
 Edit and post on network’s social media accounts, choosing stories to post on Twitter and Facebook
 Implement strategies to increase Twitter follower count and presence on Facebook
 Conduct comprehensive research and analysis of the use of a social media by major news networks worldwide
 Assist with the production of interviews with foreign correspondents and the reception of guests to be interviewed on the program
Subject of research: France 24 Television Channel in the Face of Transformations in Information Treatment
And... Alexandra continues to work with promotion and social media, doing Public relations and communication at a luxury startup company.

Inside the art department of a major magazine

Name: Victoria F.
Undergraduate major field(s): Journalism, International Studies
Goals for her Field Study semester: To complete an internship in the field of journalism, focusing on women’s magazines and fashion.
Placement: Art department of a major French fashion magazine
Responsibilities as intern:
 Conduct searches and propose photos to illustrate and accompany articles
 Help organize the return of pieces loaned by fashion houses for the magazine’s photo shoots
 Coordinate contacts using the magazine’s databases
 Assist editors, learning the different roles in running a major fashion magazine
Subject of research: The American expatriate experience in the journalism sector in France
And... Victoria has continued in the field of journalism, first getting her master’s degree in the field and now joining the faculty at the Annenberg School of communication and journalism at the University of Southern California to teach courses in journalism, media production, and PR.
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