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Sample student profiles

 Keeping up-to-date and online with the latest fashions
 Plugged into the world of rock music blogging
 Independent television journalism online
 News in (very) brief; twitter and journalism at a major news agency
 Building the identity of a new media company

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Keeping up-to-date and online with the latest fashions

Name: Pooja D.
Undergraduate major field(s): Journalism
Goals for her IFE Field Study semester: Work in fashion journalism and learn about the differences of the American and French fashion industries
Placement: Gogo Paris (cultural blog) & Press relations for well-known Paris fashion brand
Responsibilities as intern:
 Compile and organize international press database; noting mentions of the brand in french and foreign daily and weekly press.
 Research and write daily Gogo Paris blog entries; Visit exhibits, festival and restaurant openings; attend and cover fashion week shows and events
 Work on Gogo’s guide to Paris: verifying and adding to content, creating and sending out press release and assisting in communications surrounding launch of guide
Subject of research: Change and Development in the French Press for Women during the 20th Century
And... Pooja has transitioned from managing press to writing it; she now works as an entertainment journalist.

Plugged into the world of rock music blogging

Name: Aaron V.
Undergraduate major field(s): Humanities & French
Goals for his Field Study semester: "Increase my fluency in French and absorb French culture and lifestyle through an internship"
Placement: La Blogothèque (rock music weblog and video productions)
Responsibilities as intern:
 Maintan and update Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts for the the Blogothèque
 Research various international bands and artists as possible subjects for the blogothèque
 Translate album reviews from French to English
 Assist in the logistics of video shoots and editing as well as archiving of films produced by the Blogothèque
Subject of research: The Blogothèque: Amateur or commercial enterprise?
And... During his internship, Aaron had the opportunity to meet many artists and musicians while on location for music video shoots.

Independent television journalism online

Name: Ashley G.
Undergraduate major field(s): Journalism, European Studies
Goals for her Field Study semester: To experience a professional journalistic setting and gain a unique view of European foreign relations that will benefit future professional endeavors.
Placement: Internet television by independent journalists
Responsibilities as intern:
 Participate in production of audiovisual news segments on French social and political topics; assist in the writing and editing process as well as the filming and post-production
 Research the national reaction to political reforms and their representation in foreign press
 Update and reformat content for remodeling of website.
Subject of research: La TéléLibre : Hybrid Web-TV, a unique complement to major media source
And... Ashley used her journalistic experience at TéléLibre when she later interned at Time Out Chicago. She now writes for an online news and content agency.

News in (very) brief; twitter and journalism at a major news agency

Name: Antonia M.
Undergraduate major field(s): English Studies & French
Goals for her Field Study semester: To become fluent in French, to gain experience in journalism, and to learn more about French and European current affairs.
Placement: TV news department of international multimedia news agency (Reuters)
Responsibilities as intern:
 Help define, produce and broadcast news briefs, researching topics, writing, translating and editing texts.
 Go out in the field to conduct interviews covering current events such as the protests against the G20 summit
 Assist in filming and editing news stories
Subject of research: The Effects of Twitter on Journalism
And... Antonia later put her experience at Reuters to good use writing for the USA Today website and for the website Hipolitic, a politically oriented media company.

Building the identity of a new media company

Name: Sarah R.
Undergraduate major field(s): Anthropology, Sociology & French
Goals for her Field Study semester: To study the creation of modern identity and examine the development of outsider culture through an internship in a media-related business.
Placement: A new media company
Responsibilities as intern:
 Managing the company’s social media,
 Researching potential markets
 Creating content for company’s blog including audio elements and news items
 Indexing sites and blogs according to current events
Subject of research: Building an Internet Firm’s Identity with Social Media: Case study of a new media company
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